What next? Things to consider

Peer to peer support networks reflect the important role of ‘communities of need’.

These networks are fragile and need constant support to maintain but have acted as a lifeline for many disabled people. Not only as a means of support but also as a way to contribute during the pandemic.

Our research has generated a number of questions that need careful consideration as we return to a new but familiar normal.

How do we help companies become both aware of - and accountable - when inaccessible  services result in an increased burden on essential service providers and increased risk for their customers? Painkillers

What initiatives could help those with mobility issues who feel isolated as a result of family members living far away? Closer

How might we support people more vulnerable to harsh weather conditions so they are not excluded from socialising and access public spaces outside? Cold

In the event of a future pandemic, knowing what we know now, how could we ensure a safe degree of distanced interaction between people to prevent isolation? Dog