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Safety and insurance

Tips on keeping yourself and your mobility scooter safe and on getting insurance, passed on by our panel of scooter users.

Driving safely

To stay safe while using your scooter:

  • Don't take your scooter out until you've had enough training or practice to feel confident.
  • Be aware of your surroundings - watch out for other pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Turn your scooter off when you're not moving. Bags and clothing can easily catch on the accelerator lever.
  • If going up slopes or kerbs, make sure you stay stable.
  • Familiarise yourself with the relevant parts of the Highway Code, particularly if you'll be using a class 3 scooter on the road.

The following organisations have produced useful guides to the Highway Code for mobility scooter users:

Safety checks

It's important to keep your mobility scooter well-maintained. Repairs and maintenance are included if you get a scooter through Motability. Check with the retailer if you're buying privately.

To make sure that your scooter is safe to use, regularly check that:

  • All plugs and wires are connected properly.
  • No bare wires are exposed.
  • Tyres are inflated to the correct pressure (if necessary).
  • All locking pins and assembly mechanisms are locked.
  • The seat is adjusted and locked in place.
  • The battery is fully charged.
  • The brakes are in working order.


Legally, you don't have to insure your scooter but it's a good idea to get third party insurance, which covers for other people making a claim against you if you're involved in an accident or cause some damage. Other policies will also insure against injuries to yourself and loss or damage of your scooter.

Some companies that insure mobility scooters and wheelchairs include:

Get several quotes and check what the insurance scheme covers.

Insurance is included in the Motability scheme.

Last updated: November 2015

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