Consumer research for older and disabled people

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Rica's consumer information aimed at older and disabled people is based on independent research and the experiences of consumers and experts and aims to be completely unbiased.

Car search

Motoring advice for older and disabled people

Car search can shortlist cars best suited to your needs and find:

  • car models that are easiest for you to get into and out of
  • vehicles with space to stow a wheelchair or other kit or equipment.
  • detailed car measurement data on over 1000 cars

New models are added continuously.

Motoring guides

These guides cover topics useful if you have a particular disability or need advice on easier driving and car adaptations.

Download the motoring guides as PDFs or order a print copy

Choosing a car coverChoosing a car

A guide for older and disabled people about choosing a car describing some of the simpler equipment that can make driving a car easier with:

  • details of where to go for simpler adaptations
  • questions to ask about type of car or car controls 

Cars for families of disabled children

We identify the issues affecting disabled children and their families when choosing and using a car and look at:

  • relevant standard features and specialist equipment.
  • choosing a family car
  • specific issues affecting disabled children, including supporting posture, challenging behaviour and  transporting equipment.

Getting in and out of a car

Whether you're in a wheelchair, or just find it difficult to get in and out of a car, this guide can help.
This guide has:

  • advice on useful techniques
  • aids or equipment for anyone needing more help getting from a wheelchair into a car.

Car controls

This guide is for disabled and older drivers who need to adapt the controls in their car. The range of controls is now so wide that almost anyone can drive, providing they meet DVLA requirements.

This guide has:

  • things to consider
  • details of type of car adaptations you may need
  • price guidance and details of adaptation companies
  • advice on where to go for  further advice.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

A wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) can make a great difference for disabled drivers and disabled passengers. Travelling in your wheelchair means you don't need to transfer in and out, or stow it in the boot, so you can travel more freely. 

This guide provides:

  • information on different types of WAV
  • how to go about choosing and buying one
  • advice on where to go for  further advice.

Getting a wheelchair into a car

This guide describes what equipment is available to help get a wheelchair or mobility scooter into a car and transport it safely. It includes information about different types of hoists, racks and trailers.

Motoring if you have a particular disability

This series of guides provides additional information for people with specific disabilities or conditions.

Each guide includes:

  • things to look out for
  • information about adaptations
  • and where to go for further help
  • tips and advice from people with the particular condition or disability

You can download them as PDFs or order a print copy

The print edition of 'Motoring with arthritis'


Driving safely for life: a guide for older drivers

Driving Safely book coverThis guide is to enable older drivers to think about their driving and make the right decisions to stay safe and independent.

The guide explains :

  • exactly what the law says about ability to drive
  • how to best assess capabilities, for example, by visiting a mobility centre
  • modifications for vehicles and good driving habits to keep on the road longer

Further information

The law & motoring

Depending on your particular condition, there may be certain legal requirements you need to fulfil before you can legally drive and get insurance. You'll need to let the DVLA know of any adaptations to your car which will be recorded on your licence. 

Finance in motoring

Adapting a car can be expensive and we cover some ways you can get help with financing adaptations and the rules on what is VAT exempt.