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Making the parking brake easier to use

Parking brake adaptations

Adapted parking brakeSimple adaptations can make it easier to apply the parking brake with your left hand. These are usually levers that help you push in the release button.

Companies supplying parking brake adaptations
Supplier Price
Adaptacar £130
Alfred Bekker £68-£125
Brig Ayd £100
Jeff Gosling from £90

Electronic parking brakes

Some cars have push-button electronic parking brakes. You push the button to apply the brake and it releases automatically when you pull away. You can also have a push-button parking brake fitted to most cars.

Companies supplying electronic parking brakes
Supplier Price
Adaptacar £950
Brig Ayd £674
Bristol Street Versa £850
DS&P Mobility Electronics n/a
Jim Doran £950

Last updated: June 2012

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